Ethiopia is Fighting Climate Change with GPB Global Resources

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GPB Global Resources B.V. is an oil and gas exploration and extraction company with headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands and operations in Ethiopia. The firm employs roughly 1000 people from various countries such as Russia, Ethiopia, Niger, Venezuela, and the Netherlands. For the past 10 years, GPB Global Resources has worked closely and with the utmost respect for local customs, traditions, and roles of government in every country where they operate.

Tree Planting Initiative – Setting a new World Record

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia recently worked closely with GPB in a major environmental endeavor to plant 350 million trees in just twelve hours. This massive undertaking spearheaded by the Prime Minister set a new world record on July 29, 2019. Abiy Ahmed is calling this project the “Green Legacy Initiative” which he is hoping will help counteract the effects of climate change.

There is potential in the seedlings to hold over 200 billion tons of carbon once the trees reach maturity. That is an incredibly impressive number given that the total amount of carbon that humans have put into the atmosphere is about 300 billion tons. Not only will this have a positive impact on the atmosphere, but it could potentially shift the climate of Ethiopia to a lusher environment, decreasing the drought and famine that the country currently experiences.

Community Improvement Projects

Environmental efforts are not the only area of positive improvement that GPB Global Resources has been involved with. In 2015, GPB did an in-depth study of the most pressing needs in the communities and determined which community projects would have the greatest impact. Food security, access to water, school and education, medical equipment and training, and training for human and animal health workers were at the top of the list.

In response to these pressing issues, GPB allocated funds to various projects that would directly meet these needs and improve the overall quality of life for these communities for generations to come. Together with the cooperation of the government and the Ethiopian Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, each of these projects was thoroughly inspected and verified as significant in each area. GPB Global Resources B.V. continues to work closely with local authorities to monitor their initiative projects and has stepped in to further improve or expand the projects as the need had arisen.

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