Experienced Schoolteacher Doing More for our Children

‘The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.’ ~Author unknown
Sudha Ramaswami is one such teacher, whom most parents would be happy to know is in charge of their kid’s education. The second-grade teacher from Jersey City who has been at it for 16 years recently released a book ‘Help ever, hurt never’, the second in a five-book series. This new title is the second in a series she hopes will impart good morals on her students and children all around the country. In 2015 she released her first book, “Fancy Anansi”, a story based on African folklore.

Speaking to the media, Mrs. Ramaswami states that her intention is to release a five book series exploring and imparting lessons on five human values, ‘telling the truth, doing the right thing, peace, love, and non-violence. The new title ‘Help ever, Hurt Never’ addresses doing the right thing while Fancy Anansi dealt with telling the truth. Ms. Ramaswami describes the overall message of her book as “Do something good for someone else when you can ‘. It is one for children of all ages, not just the 3rd grade- 5th grade age group it is targeted.

The story of Help ever, Hurt Never, follows two friends Manny and Sammy, who are very good friends when Sammy asks Manny for help cheating on a test, a request that poses a dilemma for Manny. You can get this book for your child at major books stores or online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.