Fabletics Fitness Brand

Fabletics is a continuously growing brand, in just three years the brand grew to over a million subscribers. The company takes an uncommon approach at their e-commerce and retail marketing strategies, and has proven itself successful. The company uses online subscriptions on their website to help customers shop.

Fabletics offers a variety of stylish athletic clothing. They offer fashionable fitness wear for both males and females. The garments are made using the latest high performance fabrics. The activewear is of the latest trends and is made to be both flattering and comfortable for the wearer.

Fabletics was launched on October 1st of 2014, they added their men’s fitness wear line in June of 2015. Later that year Fabletics opened six brick and mortar stores in the United States. More store locations are in the works to be opened at a later date.

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Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg,and Don Ressler founded Fabletics when they felt the activewear marketplace needed more affordable high end variety. They saw plenty of luxury brands, but none at affordable prices. The company offers their Fabletics brand athletic gear at a high quality with affordable prices.

Memberships to How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Taking on Amazon come in at $49.95 each month, with members having the option to skip a month without being charged. When a new member joins Fabletics they are asked to fill out a survey. This survey help the company put out personalized outfit selections each month, making them available to the members.

The memberships, surveys and online shopping data are all used for the company to decide what is popular in each region. They use this information on YouTube when opening and stocking their brick and mortar stores. Using this plan the company can create an experience for their customers, focusing on the needs and wants of each of their members. This business model has proven very successful for the brand and the company.

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