Family Health Care Rises to Highest Level

Back in 2001, the average American family was around $10,000. In a recent report, the new price tag for a healthy Americam family will run you over $25,000. Right now, we have seen an unusually slow rise in health care costs, but that has not stopped the avergae from creeping over the $25,000 mark. This is a three fold rise from that 2001 price, but a mere $1,500 rise from the same time last year.

This may seem like good news, but the slow rise in health care costs has not stopped our typical American family from incurring more than $1,110 each year for the last eleven years. The biggest chunk of this rise comes from prescription drugs, which is estimated to make up 17% of a family’s total halthcare costs. This is a four time rise from drug prices in 2001.

The Affordable Care Act, or better known as Obamacare, can be a major factor in the slowing of these hea;th care costs. As the act becomes more implemented, it is likely more slowing may occur. Now that America is in an election cycle, we may see a progressive like Bernie Sanders make even greater impacts on our national health care system.

It seems that about 20% of Americans actually use the most insurance. It’s estimated this small portion of the population uses almost 80% of the health care costs in the country. This can drive premiums up for others in America.