Fantasy Flight from New Jersey to North Pole for Sick Children

At Newark International Airport in New Jersey children who are currently patients at University Hospital, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, and Trinitas Hospital were given the surprise of a lifetime. These sick children got to see Santa, in fact, they flew on a real commercial flight out of Newark that took these children directly to the North Pole. Children and their parents were all on board the flight to the North Pole to help give these children something to be happy about this holiday season.


The Real North Pole

When the children were told they needed to bundle up because they were going to be a part of a special flight that would bring them directly to the doorstep of Santa Clause, they were all on best behavior that day. The children were all seat belted in their chairs as flight attendants sang Christmas songs and got the kids all excited about the journey. Once the plane was in the air, the pilot spoke directly to the children and told them how long before the plane touched down at the North Pole. This fantasy trip was especially quick, and the kids arrived at the North Pole where Santa was already waiting at the gate.


The Kids Excitement

While the kids were all excited about the idea of flying in a real plane and going to the North Pole, the hospitals and United Airlines had arranged for the plane to only be in the air briefly for the trip. The plane simply returned back to Newark a few minutes later, but the kids had no idea where they were. The gate was decorated to look like the North Pole, and Santa and friends greeted all the sick children. Some of the children, like Sabur Clark, is battling cancer of the muscles and will be undergoing chemotherapy. This trip to the North Pole put the treatment out of his mind for a short while..


The children got to tell Santa what they wanted this year for Christmas, and with a little holiday magic these kids should be getting exactly what they wished for this year. This is the 23rd year that the United Airlines Fantasy Flights has taken place for sick children in hospitals.