Fighting and Preventing Crime with Rick Smith as a CEO

Public safety and security work on different levels. It is often a behind the scenes work people are not aware happens at all. And many people don’t know that a lot of it happens directly in prisons and other correctional facilities. It is a combination of effort and operations carried out by law enforcement, prison staff and technology companies. Sometimes even the inmates are not aware that this kind of work is taking place right under their nose. The law enforcement doesn’t hide that conversations are recorded. But inmates, as well as the people on the other end, don’t always think about it.CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith can attest to that. His company works to research, develop and implement the newest technology in prisons. It was beneficial for the inmates as well as more than 2600 prisons and different law enforcement and public safety agencies across the States. Rick Smith started work at Securus in 2008. He is a man of vast and varied experience, and his resume is a clear testament to that. A smart and talented leader, Rick Smith helped Securus grow, and the company recently acquired JPay, another technology company working with prisons.

Securus created and designed a video call system which allows inmates to communicate with their family and friends. JPay moderates an email and letter writing system, providing communication and social interaction to inmates who very often don’t have this kind of opportunity otherwise. It helps the prisoners have a connection with the world outside and decreases a possibility that they will return to prison after being released.The conversations are recorded, and law enforcement has been able to secure warrants and carry out investigation solely based on the discussions or conversations in the background. It means that cases can be solved more efficiently and crime prevention system is also in place.

Rick Smith Securus graduated with an associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology as well as received his Bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York, Buffalo. Later he also obtained a Master’s in engineering from the State University of New York. His education background and experience make him the perfect man for the job at Securus. He is passionate about technology being the best way to allow prisons to move forward and not stay stagnant.Securus work on creating better methods for communication for the prisoners as well. They are considering a special device that could offer inmates more possibilities to communicate with the outside world. The conversations would be monitored, but prisoners would be able to speak with legal team, access materials for future education and even call friends and family. This would be another great way to make their return to the outside world easier and would ensure that they don’t return to prison.