Figures of Finance: Brian Bonar

As the CEO, CFO, President, and secretary of Trucept, Inc, Brian Bonar is a notable figure in business. His yearly salary is estimated at $860,571. He also owns a restaurant called Bandy Canyon, where he employs world-class chefs to create one-of-a-kind dishes.

He drives the company’s vision and innovation with his valuable insight. He is committed to assisting companies in increasing their revenue streams while also being efficient. Employee happiness is also a metric that he believes in. Engaging the workforce to be more productive is about creating an environment of trust, motivation, and continual learning so that employees continue to perform at a high level with low turn over.

Nightforce is a very successful b2b SAAS application company that was founded by Brian. The company was acquired by TiMax Capital in 2011 and since then Brian has served as an advisor to the board. It is seen as a revolutionary product, and he was instrumental in bringing it about. The innovation seen in the products with which he has been involved is at the highest levels.

He has received numerous awards, such as the Marcus H. Thomas Award for Excellence from Vanderbilt in 2004. He previously worked at the startup called TimeMind, in which he was CEO and before that he served as the director of marketing. His tenure at the company helped him land in a list of the top 100 executives in his industry that year.

His assets under management have reached an excess of $55 million as of 2012 and he continues to grow the net worth of the company. Much of Brian Bonar’s compensation derives from bonuses due to high performance. With over two decades of experience in finance, his experience is admired and sought after.

When he was at TM, he only had a few years to turn the company’s financials around and create a booming internal company economy. To save costs, he implemented new techniques that cut down on production time and allowed the company to leverage its assets. He did this via relations with investors, legal advisory, and planning the company’s finances based on historical records on modeled futures. Brian Bonar is quite the financial genius.

Brian Bonar has been a strong advocate of the practice of the governance of corporations. Thus, he has worked diligently with the board of his current company to see that regulations remain strong and powerful enough to curb any kind of corruption or misleading financial statements. Recent scandals in the finance industry have led him to protect his company from similar issues. In 2014, he received the award for “Best Financial Catastrophe Prevention” within any top 500 investment company.