Five Suggestions On How To Sell Technology To No-Tech People in Market America

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You are bound to run into some non-tech clients when working for Market America. Part of your overall job is to bypass their objections and convince them that they need what you are selling. How can you go about doing this without sounding condescending or coming off as a “salesman?”

1) You need to understand what your clients are going through. Do you remember how out of place you felt before you joined Market America or sold their products? You need to gain a little perspective and humility. Take into account how clueless they feel and remember what it was like for you.

2) You need to use terms the client will understand. You cannot use Market America terms because they will not understand. You cannot use words like coding and system. Remember back to what words you felt comfortable with before you got it. Use those words.

You also need to talk about what the product can do for your client. The second you talk about how the product works you have already lost them. You need to see the Market America products they way your client sees them.

3) There is no way you can write an application for someone who does not understand what is being done. You need to understand what your client does for a living. Incorporate that understanding into the product you sell. You cannot sell a product to make a quota. Your clients are not going to trust you if you consider them to be another number.

4) The more you educate yourself on the products you sell, the more you can educate your clients. That way they will trust you more. Your client trusts you. They do not trust the product you are selling. There is a difference.

5) You need to be constantly learning new things about the company and the products. Customers trust what you tell them. You cannot take advantage of that just to make a quick buck.