Food Truck Event Brings in Thousands

Thousands of people walked around for the Kearny food truck festival. This is a large festival where food trucks gather to sell items to hungry visitors. While there, you can find everything from pizza and hamburgers to lobster rolls. It’s a fun event for the entire family. There were over 15 trucks displayed in the first event of its kind in the area. The reason for the event is to raise money to support 15 police officers as they travel to take part in a memorial bike ride in remembrance of 9/11. If there is excess money raised, then it will be given to local organizations in the community. This is an event to bring everyone together while supporting a worthy cause as many people still have 9/11 in mind. Tickets are sold in advance and at the event. Each truck has it’s own way of offering food to visitors to make the event as easy to navigate as possible.