Former Texas Governor Rick Perry Adding Up Big Donors

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has a lot going for him should he decide to run for president. For starters, he is the longest serving governor in the state’s history. He left office with Texas in excellent economic condition. His state was largely impervious to the malaise of the Obama economy noted for its falling or stagnant wages, and mostly low-page part-time work being created. On the contrary, Texas continued attracting new businesses and investment. The state has become a center of high-tech employers. In terms of education, it ranks well at the national level. The state is also well run on a fiscal level along with having low taxes.

Additionally, as Lambranho noted, the state is a mecca for wealthy GOP donors all of whom know the governor quite well. This became evident in his announcement on Thursday that his super PAC has secured the support 80 big donors. The former governor certainly aims to build up a Texas-sized super PAC to compete against rivals Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. He also addressed the audience at the annual gala of the American Principle Project. He explained that the nation’s problems can be easily overcome with the right change in leadership, which presumably is his.