Founding Partner Capital Stephen Murray Is Still Missed At CCMP Capital

UPDATE 12/7/2016 – CCMP-Backed Infogroup Nearing End of Sale Process


Stephen Murray was one of those Wall Street investors that people say make too much money. Murray was a buyout specialist that focused on firms in the $100 to $500 million category. He was a founding partner in the JP Morgan Chase & Co spinoff, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. It is true that Murray made a lot of money as an investment banker, but he was also a person that had the same desires and loves that every human has. He just happened to love the investment business more than other people do, and it showed in every aspect of his short life. Stephen Murray passed away at the age of 52 in 2015, and his family and work associates are still mourning the loss.

Getting to know the real Stephan Murray was reserved for his family and close friends, but his clients knew the business side of Murray. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a bright, energetic, hard-working investment genius that loved New York, and all the things that New York stands for. He also loved Wall Street. When JP Morgan Chase picked Murray to head CCMP Capital in 2006, no one at the firm was surprised. Murray specialized in middle-market leveraged buyouts and that was CCMP Capital’s target. In 2015, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital’s latest fund raised $3.6 billion, and that is a testament to Murray’s ability as an investment manager. Some of Murray’s investment picks were Quiznos Corp., Cabela’s Inc., and Warner Chilcott PLC.

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Trying to figure out why Murray got so interested in the investment business isn’t that hard. Murray grew up in Westchester County, New York and he wanted to go to college in the city, but when he was accepted to Boston College, so he decided to leave New York and live in Boston during his college years. But he returned to New York and applied to Columbia University. Murray earned a Master’s degree from Columbia. He knew Wall Street was the only place for him, so he applied to several investment banks, and was hired by Manufacturers Hanover Trust in 1984. He stayed with Manufacturers Hanover Trust through several mergers, and he eventually became vice-president of middle-marketing lending for JP Morgan Chase. When JP Morgan Chase wanted to start a new middle-market investment firm, the partners decided to give Murray the title of CEO of the new firm they called, CCMP Capital.

The Stephen Murray story ended in 2015 when he passed away after a short illness. He resigned from CCMP Capital two months before he passed, so his death was a surprise to many people in the investment industry. Murray was a great investor and a dedicated family man.

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