George Soros Is Back In The Political Donations Saddle Again

George Soros is a billionaire who had been uncharacteristically quiescent in the political philanthropy department. That is until recently, when the outspoken activist donated more than $6 million to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. He had gotten his hat handed back to him after donating more than $20 million 12 years ago to fight George W. Bush’s election. That setback has now been overcome and he is back in action in a great way. With an estimated net worth of well in excess of $30 billion, Soros has become one of the wealthiest people in the world. He is no less of a lion, championing for the causes of democratic freedoms, than he ever was.

The politics are more critical, the outcomes more important, and the issues are quite different than in 2004. Though, to be sure, the interest that Soros has shown in the U.S. involvement on in all things European has waned not at all. His current contributions to Hillary and many other Democrats running for office this volatile political seasoning is by far the most generous of all democratic supporters. He gave $2 million, beyond his $6 million donation to Hillary, to other candidates he wants to win their respective races.

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He has actually made history by donating more to a single candidate, Hillary Clinton, than anyone has ever given in the history of elections! Soros has made many statements about how worried his is about many of the actions going on in the world today. Soros points to Britain’s Brexit, the exit of the UK from the European Union (EU), and the serious problems China is starting to experience with their braking economy. This has made him act much more bearish in his recent investments than he has ever done before; a veritable bear of Wall Street.

The $6 million check Soros sent to Priorities USA Action, which is Hillary’s main political support organization. In 2015, they received a total of $41 million from all donations. At the beginning of 2016, they still possessed $36 million. Back in 2012, George Soros supported Obama’s campaign with only a $1 million donation and has said that he wished he had supported her more in the past. The hope he has voiced, along with giving his huge political contributions, is that other wealthy billionaires will step up and up their donations much higher than ever before. This is most-true for donations to key funding groups that have no donation limits.