Goettl Air Conditioning Increases its Addressable Market by Merging with Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air

In line with its mission of delivering groundbreaking HVAC solutions and expanding its market, Goettl Air Conditioning has officially announced its merger with Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air. The HVAC giant has added over 20 workers in its workforce and over 15 trucks in its infrastructure. Paradise Air is an authority in the rental and multi-family home market. On the other hand, Las Vegas Air develops unique HVAC solutions with the residential clients in mind.


Remarks of Goettl’s CEO Ken Goodrich


CEO Ken Goodrich stated that Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air would help Goettl to expand its operation to the Southwest markets. He expressed his happiness and promised to speed up the integration process of the two businesses. Goodrich is hopeful that the merger will benefit the clients. He added that the merger was a reflection of the commitment of Goettl in offering quality services and serving customers with integrity. The merger is a win-win for all the parties involved.


Statements of Stephen Gamst, the Las Vegas Air’s senior partner


Stephen Gamst said he accepted the merger deal since he wanted to take care of his talented workers and clients. He stated that Las Vegas Air would work closely with Goettl to match customers with the perfect HVAC solutions. Gamst promised to cooperate with Goettl’s management team.


Goettl Air Conditioning


Goettl Air Conditioning is a globally known HVAC services firm that provides outstanding air conditioning and heating services across Tucson, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Southern California areas. It opened its doors in 1939, and it delivers a broad range of maintenance, repair, and installation services to its expanding client base. Goettl concentrates on offering excellent in-house environment solutions. It strives to pick the correct sized and affordable air condition on behalf of each of its client.


The primary mission of Goettl is to leverage its team of HVAC professionals, state-of-the-art technology, and equipment to boost the level of safety and comfort in both residential and commercial properties. The company has expanded its portfolio beyond HVAC services – the Sunny Plumber, the sister firm of Goettl, offers drain and plumbing services. The company’s reputation stems from decades of serving clients with the best heating and cooling solutions. Ken Goodrich owns and manages Goettl Air Conditioning. He bought the company back in 2013 and introduced it to Las Vegas, his hometown, in 2016. Since its acquisition in 2015, Goettl has registered 500 percent growth.