Goettl Brings Success To The Las Vegas Economy

The city of Las Vegas should be celebrating in my opinion after the HVAC repair and maintenance brand Goettl announced it was making a full time return to this area of Nevada after leaving the city almost a decade ago. I was reading a report from 12 News Now about the return of the Goettl brand to Las Vegas and the amazing work owner Ken Goodrich has put into the return of the brand to this area, including the fact the company is looking to play a major part in the community by assisting those hoping to train to become a major part of the HVAC industry in Nevada and Arizona.

Watch Goettl’s YouTube video to learn more.

The personal story of Ken Goodrich regarding the reasons why he purchased Goettl Air Conditioning had a major impact on me when he revealed his personal experiences and memories of the HVAC company as a young person; much like Goodrich I remember Goettl technicians repairing the HVAC systems in my own home and always looked for the brand when I was in need of HVAC servicing or repair as an adult. I believe Goettl has always played an important role in the HVAC industry in Las Vegas and will continue to do so under the leadership of the impressive Ken Goodrich.

Ken Goodrich has developed an impressive range of opportunities for the people of Las Vegas who are hoping to join the impressive and historic Goettl brand in the future, PR Newswire reports. I was impressed by the announcement of Ken Goodrich that around 250 new jobs would be created over the next three years for the Goettl brand and the fact his company is investing in training to make sure the best possible technicians are available for the company to employ as soon as they graduate in southern Nevada.