GreenSky Credit Considering IPO

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The credit markets for individual consumers and small businesses have been drastically cut back over the past decade. Much of this is still due to the fact that investors and lenders are a little bit skittish about lending money after the recent recession. While getting money from a lender is always a complicated process, it can be even more challenging for those that are simply looking for an unsecured loan to improve their home or make a major repair. While getting a traditional bank loan has been a challenge, the team at GreenSky Credit has continued to provide a great financing option for borrowers with unique needs.

GreenSky Credit is an online lender that has been providing consumer and small business loans to borrowers for around one decade. In that time, the GreenSky Credit team has gained a reputation for providing consumers with a great financing solution that allows from a quick application and approval process and affordable interest rates. The company continues to specialize in meeting unique needs, such as providing loans used to improve a home, expand a small business, or consolidate consumer debt.

Ever since the GreenSky Credit company has been founded, the organization has continued to be led by CEO David Zalik. In his role as CEO, David Zalik has continued to develop new product and service lines for the company to offer while also raising money from outside investors. Now it appears as if GreenSky Credit could start the process of raising even more money.

Investment bankers all over Wall Street are excited about the rumors that the company could soon by taken public by David Zalik. Due to the continued growth of the firm and the strong profit potential, investors are valuing the company to be worth as much as $5 billion. At this point it remains to be seen whether or not Zalik will officially take the company public, but they are looking to raise another round of equity in the near future. Going public could give the company the best access to capital and allow it to continue to grow and develop.