Guilherme Paulus to Open 13th GJP Location

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Guilherme Paulus is one of Brazil’s most influential and successful businessmen. He is an entrepreneur who started out by providing the leg work for his first organization. He and his business partner went onto the tourism business. They started a travel agency.

Paulus was then an intern for IBM. He did not have the funds to invest in the business. So, his business partner came up with the idea that Guilherme should provide the time it takes to get the company, CVC, off the ground. Guilherme Paulus agreed to these terms. It was not without opposition from his family that he should do this. But he did it anyway and the business was a success.

Guilherme Paulus bought out his business partner after a few years. When he went at it alone, Paulus found even more success. Guilherme eventually sold the travel agency. He decided he wanted to go at it with another angle on the travel industry. So, he founded GJP Hotels and Resorts.

Paulus is still a shareholder of CVC, he just does not actively participate in the day to day operations of the company. When Paulus started GJP, he started with one location. That one location has expanded to 12 hotels and resorts spread across Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus is about to open his 13th hotel and resort. The plans for the newest location are underway. Paulus has purchased the beautiful building that used to house the DPZ advertising agency. He plans to make this location into a 65 room accommodation.

Paulus operates many hotels and resorts throughout Brazil. When he opens a resort, Paulus usually puts out a flag. He has many flags such as Lynx, Prodigy, and St. Andrews. There have not yet been any word on which flag the 13th location will fly.

Paulus is still active in the day to day operation of GJP hotels and resorts. He travels often throughout the week visiting each one. Guilherme is one who thinks an excellent and successful entrepreneur is one who knows his or her customers and the needs of the customer. He also, speaks with his staff.


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