Helping other People in the Society with Greg Secker

Greg Secker recently talked about his life. Asked about his next agenda in life, he said that it would involve helping the Filipino community. He wants to focus on them as he feels that there are many of them with low self-confidence, particularly in their abilities. He acknowledges that the Filipino people have been exploited for a long period damaging their self-worth. This has led them to believe that they cannot do some things. They also have a low perception of success. Greg Secker also acknowledged that he is a man of many trades. For instance, he is a proud owner of a brokerage firm as well as a hedge fund. When asked about the number of companies he owns, Greg said that he owned 17 companies in total. According to Greg Secker, your ability and definition of your character can be portrayed by the way you do simple things in life. It can also be defined by your reaction to events and circumstances.

He believes that for you to succeed in life, you must embrace the art of reading. The man of the hour recommended a book for his customers called Financial Freedom through Forex. It’s a book detailing how you can make money in the forex. Asked why he openly shares his information, he says that it’s the right of every person to access information. He also said that he is currently writing a book about how business and philanthropy can work hand in hand. If there is something that he holds dear to his heart is giving people options and empowering them.

If you don’t know yet, Greg Secker is the man behind the Greg Secker Foundation. This is a charitable organization meant to change the lives of people by tackling basic survival problems. Greg Secker is a well-connected man. This can be told from his friends that include Dr. John Demartini, Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield. There are the people who have influenced his philanthropic and business efforts. He used to work as forex trader but decided to quit so that he could share information with other people.