Highland Capital Donates generously to the George W. Bush Institute

Financial Guru

If you have been following business news, especially in the financial sector, you may have heard that Highland Capital Management donated $10 million dollars to the George W. Bush Institute. The funds are intended to benefit the center’s military service initiative also known as “Engage at the Bush Center.” The generous pledge of support is aimed at helping post 9/11 veterans. In a dallasnews.com article, Highland Capital Management’s Co-founder Jim Dondero explained the rationale behind the pledge of support; he states that Highland Capital is a proponent of the George W. Bush Institute’s mission, which is to support veterans and their families alike. The support will go a long way in ensuring that post 9/11 veterans receive the comprehensive care that they need. Visit his website at jamesdondero.com.

Of course, this act of generosity is not surprising for those who are familiar with Highland Capital Management; the firm is well regarded for their philanthropy, especially in the city of Dallas. In fact, the firm, along with Co-founder Jim Dondero, recently pledged $1 million dollars to support “The Family Place,” an organization predicated on supporting victims of family violence. The funds received from Highland Capital made it possible for the Family Place to expand their reach and help more people, opening new medical and dental clinics along with additional emergency shelter bedrooms.

If you’re not familiar with Highland Capital Management, they are a leading alternative investment firm specializing in structured investments, hedge funds, and investment funds. Founded in 1993, Highland Capital has assets in the neighborhood of $18 million dollars, and is, in part, headed by Jim Dondero, an enterprising businessman with over 30-years of experience in the financial sector. As far as Dondero’s background is concerned, he is a University of Virginia Mcintire School Of Commerce alumnus who earned a B.S. in Finance and Accounting, in 1984. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.com.

Also, Jim Dondero is a philanthropist who routinely looks for opportunities to help organizations in the Dallas area. In fact, along with helping “The Family Place,” Dondero, in a joint venture with Highland Capital, donated $1 million dollars to help build an enclosure for animals at the Dallas Zoo. In addition, Dondero and Highland Capital have donated generously to several local foundations including the Perot Museum of Natural Science.

Prior to joining Highland Capital Management, and after completing his education, Dondero began his career as a portfolio manager at American Express, a multinational financial service corporation, where he worked from 1985 to 1989, before taking on a role with Protective Life Insurance, working in their Guaranteed Investment Certificate branch. Although he is already well-versed in the business world, James Dondero routinely looks for opportunities that allow him to expand his professional horizon. In fact, in addition to his role as Co-founder of Highland Capital, Dondero serves as Chairman of the Board of HCM Acquisitions, a separate division of Highland Captial. In light of Dondero and Highland Capital’s collective track record, their shared willingness to contribute to the George W. Bush Institute make complete sense.

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