Hospitals Now Carry Pampers New Flat Diapers for the #LittlestFighters in the NICU

Pampers New Flat Diapers Support Preemie Development

In November, Pampers recognized Prematurity Awareness Month by releasing a new diaper for premature babies in hospitals NICUs. The Flat Diapers look like a flat sheet of paper and are designed to create minimal interference with premature development and treatments. They are soft for especially sensitive skin and has a core that quickly absorbs moisture away.

During an interview with, Amy Wiford explains, “Because a premature baby still needs to develop, it is important that he or she sleeps with minimal environmental stimulation, such as noise and light- or ill-fitting diapers.” Amy goes on to say that babies in the NICU need as little handling as possible so that they stay in a position that supports fetal development.

Pampers Joins with the March of Dimes to Help Preemies

For every inspiring premature birth story that was shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in November, Pampers donated $5 to the March of Dimes. Stories shared used the hashtag #littlestfighters to create awareness for babies in the NICU. From November 11-17, Pampers also partnered with Amazon by donating $10 for every Amazon Prime member that subscribed to any new Pampers diapers.

Premature Births are on the Rise

A growing epidemic, premature births are not frequently thought of as a common problem in the United States. However, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that “1 of every 10 infants in the United States” were affected by premature birth in 2016.

Babies are considered premature when they are born before 37 weeks gestation. If they are born before 32 weeks, detrimental issues and fatality are much more likely. Problems with breathing, vision, hearing, feeding, and developmental issues are commonly found in premature babies. Pampers has made an influential step towards keeping preemies safe and comfortable so they are able to develop and recover during their care in the NICU.