How Does OSI Group Provide The Most-Sustainable Food Supply Chain?

OSI Group is a food supply company that provides the finest in food service products for cafeterias and large facilities around the world. The company is quite a large conglomerate that produces several different food products, and this article explains how they remain sustainable, produce good food and keep their customers happy. Food supplied to the world must be good for the planet, shipped properly and delicious.

#1: How Is The Food Produced?

OSI Group produces their food in several different plants across the globe, and they use only the finest ingredients in every piece of food. They believe that food must be created using ingredients fit for restaurants, and they continue by packaging their food for travel. They must ship their food to parts around the world, and they use a shipping service that sends everything to their customers in a timely manner.

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#2: How Is Their Food Sustainable?

OSI Group does not purchase raw materials or food products from companies that are not sustainable in their own right. They choose vendors who create sustainable products, and they use a system within their own plants that remains sustainable. Their plants are self-sustaining, and they recover everything from rainwater to byproducts from their production. They are quite concerned with the recycling of products, water and materials, and they wish to ensure their plants will manage themselves.

#3: Shipping Through Sustainable Means

Shipping through sustainable means requires OSI Group to use vehicles and shipping methods that are safe for the environment. It is quite important for everyone ordering from OSI Group to remain available to sustainable shipping methods. Natural gas trucks and quick air shipments are far better for the environment, and they ensure their shipping partners are quite committed to the sustainable.

Shipments may be taken from OSI Group at any time, and companies that wish to order consistently will see their shipments arrive on-time every week. It is quite simple to work with OSI Group as they ship through reliable means.

#4: Being Socially Responsible

OSI Group maintains its social responsibility in every place it does business. The company offers fine foods to their customers, and they pay fair wages to all their employees. They are not in the business of gouging their employees, and they create a working environment that is safe for everyone.

The communities near plants run by OSI Group are supported by OSI Group in a manner that ensures everyone is treated well. Community outreach is a large part of what OSI Group does because they believe their mission in each community is to make lives better. The chain of sustainability then reaches out to everyone in the community in a way that serves people over profit.

OSI Group is a wonderful company that has committed itself to making great food, and they use sustainable methods to bring their food to the world. Everyone who must order from OSI Group becomes a part of a sustainable food chain, and they are a fine example for the industry.