How Does Stephen Rotella Help Make The World A Better Place?

Stephen Rotella is the CEO at StoneCastle Cash Management, and he has created one of the most-powerful businesses in the investment industry. He aids clients every day with help that comes in the form of cash transactions, loans and a number of cash advance options, and he is a known philanthropist who intends to do good around the world. This article explains how Stephen wishes to help the world become a better place by running a responsible business, giving back and managing his people properly.

#1: What Does StoneCastle Do?

StoneCastle is a source for cash infusion that has been used by companies time and again over the years. It is one of the largest cash management firms in the world, and Stephen has built the company with a reputation that is known around the globe. Their clients come to the company when they need extra money for their business deals, and his firm offers short-term solutions that satisfy each customer.

#2: Giving Back At LIFT

Stephen has been named the chairman of the board of directors at LIFT. It is a partnership that helps children who are living in the cycle of poverty, and Stephen has long been a champion of their work. He is taking over for someone who has been on the board for some time, and he is a valuable asset as he knows the foundation’s mission better than anyone. He gives money where he may, and he ensures the foundation will hold to its mission to pull children out of poverty and into better lives.

#3: Inspiring Others To Give Back

Stephen’s very public work as the chairman at LIFT is helping other businessmen and women become better givers. He knows the givers who are giving small amounts today may feel more compelled to give, and they may wish to take board positions that will serve other charities. LIFT is not the only charity that is in need of business people who know how to manage money, and Stephen often shows there is a balance in his work that makes him better at his job. StoneCastle does quite well for itself, and he is leading LIFT in a new direction that will take children from poverty and deliver them to a place of security.

Stephen Rotella is an inspiration for many who are looking at a career in business. He offers fine services through StoneCastle, he gives back through LIFT and he is willing to give of his time to be their chairman. A busy man who focuses on those aside from himself is an inspiration to all, and Stephen Rotella has shown there is a way to make money and give it back simultaneously.

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