How Lawrence Bernard Became One of My Favorite Film Producers

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Often times, if you aren’t somehow entrenched within the movie industry or have a passion for movies, you tend to pay more attention to which actors are in what movies and the meat of the movie itself rather than the producers and directors. I have always found this to be true, as I am not a big watcher of movies and only take time to review details of movies that I truly find excellent. I was interested to see three of my favorite movies were all produced by one man: Lawrence Bender.

Lawrence Bender has produced and worked on dozens of movies. I was impressed to see Lawrence Bernard’s name on three of my desert island movies: Django Unchained, Goodwill Hunting and Inglorious Bastards. I have heard of him before, but I had no idea how established he is as a producer.

Upon doing a little bit of research I learned that Lawrence Bender has also produced a string of highly acclaimed movies. These include several films that he worked on with legendary screenwriter and director, Quentin Tarantino. In fact, his first major movie that saw mainstream success was the legendary Reservoir Dogs. The movie is a testament to Lawrence Bender’s work as a producer as well as Quentin Tarantino’s success as a screenwriter. The movie is deep and a little dark, but produced in a very edge way that bounces around the storyline, similar to how many Quentin Tarantino movies have done since Reservoir Dogs. The storyline is incredibly solid and the movie still holds up today, although it was produced in the mid ‘90s.

Lawrence Bender calls The Bronx as is hometown, although he spent a lot of his childhood living in New Jersey. His father was a professor and his mom taught kindergarten. He chose to follow the path his grandfather took and work as a civil engineer due to the volume of available jobs that paid well. However, after graduating from the prominent University of Maine he chose a different path. He found great success in the film world and soon became a very successful producer.