How Nurturing A Relationship Will Help Business


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer well-known for the acquisitions he has made throughout his legal career. Goldstein was part of the acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T. There are many companies that understand and respect Goldstein’s expertise in legal counsel for acquisitions. He understands how to negotiate a good deal for clients. Goldstein also recognizes negotiations should be done quickly. Goldstein is also available to CEOs who may have to make major decisions regarding changes in companies. Goldstein will ensure the correct legal strategy is used by a CEO to facilitate changes. Goldstein’s legal mind provides guidance that helps many companies avoid potential lawsuits.


Goldstein as a lawyer has opened a law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. He attended the New York University School of Law. Goldstein is a board member of a foundation called The Fountain House. The Fountain House has several programs to help people with mental illness. He has been able to educate people via speeches and written work regarding topics such as executive compensation. Goldstein is considered to be a great legal professional who specializes in executive compensation.


Goldstein is an attorney who believes the client’s relationship with a legal expert should be informal. Jeremy Goldstein has met a few clients while attending dinner parties. He believes a legal professional should develop a friendship with the client. Friendship could lead to opportunities in the future. Goldstein has formed relationships with clients that lasted for years. Goldstein has shown he is able to help worthy causes by contributing his time. Goldstein was able to host a gala that would help raise money for the Fountain House. The gala would have an entry fee of $5,000. Goldstein uses to influence and relationships to obtain funding for the Fountain House. The event allowed people to make connections that could be beneficial to opportunities that may arise in the future. Goldstein has been able to use some social events to attract business. It is common for Goldstein to attend social events in New Jersey and Connecticut.


Goldstein has experience as an attorney, but he guides his law firm as an entrepreneur who operates a business for profitability. Goldstein understands there must be a plan based on long-term goals. A person must execute the plan to achieve the goals. He also believes a person should pursue other areas of interest. Goldstein plans to continue to grow his legal practice and get involved with things that would allow him to utilize his legal expertise. Goldstein’s success has been a model for other associates to follow. Goldstein also knows creating value for his clients is important. He will remain a well-respected legal professional by being an asset in the legal sector and local communities.


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