How Officers Use Securus Technologies to Make a Jail Safe

Working as a corrections officer in a very crowded jail means me and my fellow inmates are in close quarters with dangerous inmates all hours of the day. Knowing how the inmates feel towards authority, add into the mix drugs and weapons and you turn a dangerous situation into a deadly one. To try and make things less volatile, we work tirelessly to keep drugs and weapons out of the prison using a number of resources.


One of the areas we focus a majority of our efforts is in the visitor center of the jail. The inmates have developed some unique ways to get contraband from those visitors, so we have to do body searches and subject both inmate and visitor to scans through the x-ray machine. Although we do secure a number of items, we don’t get everything.


We usually follow-up with surprise cell inspections to recover anything that may have gotten past the guards in the visitor center. While these checks do net items, we have one other resource that has been more effective than we ever imagined.


Securus Technologies was upgrading our inmate call system and training us to use the LBS software. We discovered that the system could do the work of several officers while we were able to be in other areas of the jail collecting contraband.


Securus Technologies CEO, Richard Smith, says his company has only one objective, making the world safe for everyone. The systems are currently installed in 2,500 prisons around the country helping officers to make their own facilities safer.


Once we started listening to the inmates on the phone with the new call monitoring system, it wasn’t long before we hit pay dirt. Inmates were discussing hiding drugs, making weapons, and even instructing their families and friends how to get contraband into the visitor center.