How Sam Boraie is Redefining New Jersey’s Property Market


Boraie Development is a prolific real estate company in New Jersey. The company offers a variety of services, which are focused on virtually all areas of the property market. The firm’s forte is its ability to work with prominent financial institutions, visionary architects, and contractors to ensure that projects are completed within schedule. The firm’s main services are real estate development, property management, and real estate sales and marketing.


Real Estate Development


For years, Boraie Development has had a strong commitment towards developing high-end projects. The firm employs its reliability, capital and dedication to ensure that each project meets the demands of clients. Its 4-decade development track record makes Boraie Development the most sought-after and experienced real estate company in New Jersey. The company uses private financing sources such as commercial banks to fund its projects. This has seen it create projects that are attractive to residents, clients and financial partners.


Property Management


This is an important component of the firm’s overall business strategy. By offering this service, Boraie Development creates value addition for its assets. The company maintains its properties with unmatched detail. It also undertakes physical improvements on a regular basis. Its property management functions entail maintenance, accounting and administration, customer service, leasing, and marketing.

Sales & Marketing


Through its subsidiary Boraie Realty, the company has facilitated real estate transactions worth 150 million dollars. The sales division works hand in hand with the property management and development divisions to create a better understanding of pertinent residential and commercial factors in the industry. This helps the firm to maintain its exclusive local sales knowledge.


Ongoing Projects

Boraie is currently undertaking impressive projects, which will undoubtedly transform New Jersey’s skyline once they are completed. The most impressive project being undertaken is Aspire, a new high-end rental tower in New Brunswick. The development is targeting the city’s burgeoning population. It is close to major transport and leisure facilities in the heart of the city. Five Visions, and New Jersey Today are other notable projects being undertaken by Boraie.


VP Sam Boraie’s Community Involvement


Sam Boraie is one of the most visionary real estate executives. For more than two decades, he has played a crucial role in the renaissance of New Brunswick’s property market. He head’s the firm’s business development division. Under his leadership, the division has become vibrant due to the numerous acquisitions that he has spearheaded. Sam continually uses his connections within and beyond the industry to market the firm’s assets. Most projects sell out due to his exceptional marketing skills.


Apart from his corporate duties, Sam is a consummate humanitarian. He serves on the advisory board of Elijah’s Promise, a New Brunswick-based nonprofit that uses food to empower lives, and alleviate hunger among vulnerable members of the society. The organization also stands up for the rights of underprivileged New Jersey residents. Sam similarly serves on State Theater’s board of trustees. This is a historical nonprofit venue, which is used for entertainment and the performing arts. Its role is to enhance people’s lives by contributing to urban development. It builds the future of communities through education and awareness.