How The Election Will Affect The Economy: A Summary Of Brad Reifler’s Election Insight

Brad Reifler, also known as Bradley Reifler is a man many people think of as a success, he is currently the Founder and Chief Executive of Forefront Capital and has had that position since 2009. Before this he was also the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of his own company, Pali Capital beginning in 1995. There he worked as CEO for nearly 13 years.

In 1982 is when Brad Reifler’s career took off, he has just founded the Reifler Trading Corporation as his first business which would eventually end up being sold to Refco in 2000, he then went on to become the CEO of Pali Capital. It was when working here that he drove the company to success as the company was eventually making $200+ million dollar profits and grew to having over 200 employees. The company even expanded out of America and into the United Kingdom and then even into Australia.

This month, Braid Reifler wrote an article on The Huffington Post titled “How The Presidential Race Could Shape The Economy’s Future”. This article looks at the key differences in each of this year’s presidential candidate’s plans that will affect the economy.

Brad begins the article by comparing the two candidate’s views on the current tax codes. Both have said they will be making changes to it if elected. Hillary’s plan is mostly going to affect people earning at least $1 million a year. Her plan will make changes to how capital gains taxes are calculated. Brad then goes on to compare her plans to Trump’s. Trump plans to change the tax brackets already in place and condensing them into just a few income levels.

Next Brad talks about how small businesses will be affected this election. He states that neither candidate has spoken much about this topic except on Trump’s website where he briefly speaks about it. On the other hand Clinton has referenced how she plans to solve some of the problems that small businesses are dealing with but hasn’t talked about it in detail much. Both candidates have agreed that they will make child care tax breaks and provide more subsidies for child care costs that have recently been greatly increasing.

Finally, Brad makes the comparison on how Trump and Clinton plan to handle estate taxes. Trumps is against the estate tax and wants to end it completely while wanting to increase the amount of capital gains taxes. Meanwhile, Clinton plans to significantly lower the minimum required for estate taxes while also increasing the maximum percent gained from the tax.

Brad Reifler concludes the article by explaining that although some aspects of the economy will not majorly change such as social security there are still some areas that will be greatly affected depending on our choice this November.