I Advocate For New Homeowners Who Work With Dallas Banks

Dallas banks are putting in a lot of money and time to invest in the city, and they are creating an environment where anyone can get a new home. Dallas Neighborhood Homes has teamed up with Nexbank to offer funding for new homes for people who are not housed well, and it is important for everyone to know that they are creating a whole new part of the city where people can live safely. I have been an advocate for people who really need these homes, and there are a lot of regular customers who can finally get the loan that they need.

NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes To Expand Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

It is very easy for us to help people when we know that a banking partner wants to help. Nexbank has committed a lot of money to help these people, and I have spent countless hours being sure that people are receiving the help they need. I want them all to come work with Nexbank to know they can get a loan, and they will be in a home soon that protects and nurtures their family. I am constantly talking to members of the community who need that nurturing, and I am leading them all the Nexbank and Dallas Neighborhood Homes.

Someone who wants to be sure that they can get into a better home can work with these incredible companies that believe in the city. It helps to know that I am working with people who have a chance to change their lives, and I feel good every day knowing that I can send them to Nexbank for help. I actually a loan from Nexbank for my home and my car, and I can attest to how well they treat people. They are a great company that will continue to put Dallas ahead of its own interests.

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