Investment banker Igor Cornelsen says knowledge of the market is the key to excelling in investment banking

Updated August 8th, 2017:
Found a really interesting article about Igor Cornelsen and his advice for first time investors. Worth a read for anybody looking to improve their standing in the investing world. Everybody knows a strong foundation is what’s required if you want to get anywhere financially.

Igor Cornelsen on ireport.cnn is a retired top Brazilian manager and investment expert. His skills in investment banking are no doubt the reason he has excelled and continue to flourish in the finance world. Igor through PR Newswire last year in June gave some of the basics tips to successful investment banking; he said the reason Brazilian bankers in the private are shining is because they only give credit to borrowers who are worthy of credit. This means that people with less credibility will only borrow public sector banks. According to Igor Cornelsen, the key to great investment banking is knowledge of the market and experience he has gained over the years.

Mr. Igor Cornelsen went ahead to create a profile on basics about Brazilian investment; they include;

1. Brazilian banks have ten players
Brazil is the largest low-cost in South America with ten mega privately owned and commercial banks backing it. These banks like Banco Itau continues to grow every year immensely. These banks contribute to a great economy and in return smooth and successful investments.

2. A fresh face could turn things around
The newest appointment to finance ministry; Joaquim Levy, has brought hope to Brazilian banking world. He has a Ph.D. from Chicago University and his ideology on the private sector makes him an ally of the banking world .Mr. Joaquim has prepared necessary reforms that should bring Brazil’s economy back on track. According to Igor Cornelsen, this is hopeful.

3. Pay attention to China
According to Igor Cornelsen on brandyourself, China is the Brazil’s largest trading partner. Therefore, their economies are linked directly. He advised that when you are trading with another country also pay attention to them, learn from them. China is also the biggest export competitor Brazil has. When you learn from your competitors, you get more profits as a result and more success.

4. The value of the real
For many years, Brazil overestimated its currency value making its export lose the competition, in return creating a lot of account discrepancies. It is important to know the value of the currency to avoid bringing the economy down.

Igor Cornelsen is a retired banker and an investor .he retired from banking in 2010.Mr. Cornelsen currently works with Bainbridge international in and specializes in investment, commodity and foreign exchange investment. He mostly resides in South Florida, which is an excellent location for playing golf. Igor is a Brazilian Native. He quickly rose to prominence as an investment banker in his younger days. He managed some of Brazil’s greatest banks hence his skills in banking and investments. Sometimes he works as an investment consultant and advisor to investment institutions because of his vast knowledge in the field.