Is Your Child Old Enough For Halloween Celebrations? Family Friendly Alternatives in NJ

Central New Jersey is one of the best areas to raise a family. However, with the Halloween season in full swing, many parents are wondering how far to take the celebrations. There are many places in the area that host events that are family friendly. Each parent knows whether or not their child can handle the fright. So, the local farms and people are creating events that the whole family can enjoy without the fright involved. Here are some places to visit this holiday season.


  1. The Great Pumpkin Sail


On November 1st, after the Halloween season is over, people can put their pumpkin in a sailing contest. Rather than having them laying all over the neighborhoods, they will set said with their lights all aglow. Come enjoy campfire songs, hot chocolate, and marshmallows to celebrate the harvest season.


  1. Harvest Moon Hayride


Every Saturday through the month of October, take a hayride under the harvest moon. The rides are sponsored by the Alstede Farms, which also open their mazes and other activities up under the stars.


  1. Pumpkin Creations


In Morris Township, they have an annual celebration of the fall season. Children can learn about farm life, spend some time with the animals, and pick pumpkins at the Fosterfields Farm. The celebration will take place on October 22.


  1. Brite Nites


Wagner Farm Arboretum does a fascinating display of pumpkins each year. This year, there will be pirates, cowboys, and various other characters to enjoy. Their light-up displays are enjoyable for people of all ages. A fan favorite is a stroll through the Secret Haunted Garden.


Whether you’re visiting Echo Lake Park to set your pumpkins out to sail, or you are taking a train ride around the scenic parts of the city, central New Jersey is a great place to be during the Halloween season. For those parents who feel their children can handle haunted houses and plenty of gruesome entertainment, there are plenty of these types of establishments around too.