Isabel dos Santos Encourages Investment in the 5G Network in Africa

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Isabel dos Santos, an Angolan businesswoman, thinks that Africa needs to invest in the energy area as a way to encourage the 5G network in the continent. When this businesswoman was at the AfricaCom technologies and technologies conference in Cape Town, South Africa, she stated that telecom operations are excited about the 5G network, but it needs a strong investment in energy as well in the telecommunications area.

Isabel dos Santos, representing this event for the Angolan telecommunications company called Unitel, believes what happens in the Energy sector has to happen in the Telecommunications sector as well, There has to be a big investment from the private sector.

Dos Santos is the daughter of ex-Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos who believes that the population in Aftica is increasing at a high rate. Currently, there are 1.2 billion people in Africa. By 2050, it could be 2.4 billion which would make it bigger than China. There will have to be very strong investment in infrastructure.

So far, Unitel has invested about $2.2 billion in fiber optic cables. This has allowed Angola ot have a network that has 14,000 kilometers of cables. Isabel dos Santos, a 46-year-old businesswoman, believes that companies and governments need to work together. The governments of the African continent could create business models that could stimulate positive investment environments.

Isabel dos Santos knows that e-commerce and online trading platforms have great potential. To make thins better for the Internet, there should easier communication, lower costs and fewer barriers to get to a bigger audience.
This Angolan businesswoman predicts that most African companies will be driven by e-commerce and the digital economy.

This conference in AfricaCom brought together the leading telecommunications and technology experts. About 15,000 visitors and about 450 business leaders attended this conference recently.

Isabel dos Santos, an entrepreneur from Angola, is one of the most well-known female business leaders in the African continent. She is the leader of Unitel, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Angola, has a lot of experience in the implementation of new and emerging technologies, economic development, and infrastructure creation.

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