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Tempe, Arizona native Jason Hope has a true passion for technology and for giving back to the community. After earning his finance degree from Arizona State University and his MBA at ASUs W.P., he has contributed much to his field and his community. He is a futurist, and entrepreneur, an investor, and a philanthropist.

He considers philanthropy to be a huge focus. He stands behind organizations that came into is life from many facets. One passion is the SENS Foundation research. Jason Hope appreciates that their anti-aging approach focuses more on finding cures for diseases that the body to age faster than it should. These are diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and lung disease which affect every function of the body. Traditionally these diseases are treated after they have already happened. The focus here is preventative.

With support to innovative scientific research and research that challenges the current system, walls will continue to be broken down. Jason Hope has a clear understanding of today’s technology. He uses what he knows to track industry operations and tho make predictions on what direction our technology is headed for. He believes that aging can be reversed at the cellular level with the use of stem cell drugs. He acknowledges that some people are morally against this, usually for religious regions. However, he strongly believes that this is the direction that medial research is taking and feels that someone needs to be at the front of it when that happens.

Rejuvenation biotechnology’s core concepts are being accepted by a growing number of professionals. SENS’ links individuals and organizations outside of their community in an effort to inform industry players, policymakers, academia and the general public about the benefits and challenges of the current damage-repair approach to age-related diseases. This is done via conferences, informative videos, fundraising events, speaking engagements, media interviews, and social media. In 2010, Jason Hope donated $500,000 on SENS. With his donation and others SENS was able to build the Cambridge SENS Laboratory and begin a new program for research. The AGE-breaker development program, SENS sets a standard for treatments.

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