JD.com Founder Richard Liu Discusses The Future Of The Company

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Richard Liu is the founder of JD.com, a prominent eCommerce brand. Liu recognizes that the key to success in today’s business world is through being innovative. New concepts and technology are shaping multiple industries, with the primary goal of helping customers receive better experiences. That’s why Richard Liu is constantly brainstorming ways to provide better services to customers.

After graduating from college, Liu Qiangdong recognized that he was in the middle of an important era for the Chinese economy. Liu relied on his skills to create his own company. Liu wanted to provide the best customer service in China. Liu helped thousands of people who were dealing with computer issues.

Unfortunately, the SARS epidemic caused serious damage to China’s economy. Liu decided to open a business in the online retail world. Liu quickly found his niche in the online world. JD is known for providing their customers with fast and efficient service. Liu notes that JD sources their goods directly from suppliers. This allows the company to verify all of the goods that are sold.

Liu is excited about his company’s partnership with Walmart. Many investors are interested in supporting the company now that Liu has purchased Walmart’s online operations. Investors have contributed millions of dollars to the creation of Liu’s new motorbike delivery service. Liu says that the new delivery service has allowed his company to become even more efficient.

Liu says that he is confident that JD will continue to stay ahead of the competition. He expects to incorporate new retail operations over the next 5 years.

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