Jeff Yastine’s Kennedy Accounts are real and beneficial

Kennedy Accounts

The internet is full of scams, and it is becoming difficult to identify someone to trust especially in business. From dubious Nigerian scammers to spammy offers that promise little to no hard work in exchange for good money, most prospective investors can hardly tell who is genuinely online to sell the real deal. Therefore, these investors end up dismissing money making opportunities.

Background Data

In light of this note, Banyan Hill Publishing, a leading investment advisory firm has been receiving endless questions regarding the Kennedy Accounts. In a video that seemed to have gone viral, Jeff Yastine is seen explaining the viability of these accounts. Given his claim that every investor can use these Kennedy Accounts to buy stocks and shares at about $5, or even better, $10 million, this deal looks a bit overrated and exaggerated. So to be sure of what the Jeff Yastine Kennedy Accounts are though, let us describe Yastine’s career, input and his connection to these accounts. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

Jeff Yastine’s Career

If you are a keen investor or business enthusiast, Jeff Yastine is a relatively familiar name from The Nightly Business Report. His Emmy nomination was based on his excellent performance on investigative work.


Currently, Yastine is a lead editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing. Before that, he always worked as a financial journalist in different capacities. Through his roles and experiences in those capacities, he had the opportunity to interview the likes of Warren Buffet, Steve Forbes, Herb Kelleher and Michael Dell. Out of curiosity and enthusiasm, Jeff Yastine garnered extensive knowledge on finance and investment from the high-profile investors. Having built his entire career around these disciplines, he gained a secure footing that paved the way for him to penetrate stock markets and different investment accounts.

Describing the Kennedy Accounts

Yastine’s ability to rub shoulders with these people was helpful in his discovery of Kennedy Accounts. When he uploaded the video, over 1,000 people were interested in understanding its contents. Here is how Kennedy Accounts were formed; John F. Kennedy founded these accounts when he was running for office, and the economy of America was barely healthy enough to take care of its children. Being a selfless leader, Jeff Kennedy wanted to get America back to its original, healthy economic state. Read more articles by Jeff Yastine at Banyan Hill.


As the GDP was flat and the employment rates dwindled, the stock market shares dropped to 13%. So Kennedy Accounts were created to help Americans to save more even as they were employed. Until now, the shares of these accounts have been multiplying into billions and hence Jeff Yastine’s encouragement for people to register. Also defined as Direct Stock Purchase Plans, Kennedy Accounts are not a scam as with time, the shares have grown into significant benefits.