Jeremy Goldstein hosts wine dinner party in support of Fountain House


One of the noble causes that one can engage in is supporting the underprivileged in society. A meeting convened in support of such a cause can be made better by involving a fine wine and a good meal. It is on this basis that Jeremy Goldstein alongside Omar Khan and Jim Finkel hosted an incredible fine wine and food dinner in support of the Fountain House. This is an organization that is dedicated to activities that help people suffering from mental illnesses.



The world health organization has labeled mental illness as a humanitarian crisis. Over 450 million people in the world have mental illness. It is an illness that prevents the victim from doing most of the basic tasks such as holding a job, managing money, caring for themselves, getting education among others. However, the Fountain House has started initiatives that could change the story for thousands of victims of mental illnesses around the world.



Fountain House has been around for over 70 years. It was founded in 1944 by six people with mental illness at Rockland State Hospital in New York. The six initially formed this organization and named it “We Are Not Alone,” a name that considered the high number of people who were facing similar struggles.



In 1948, the organization was renamed Fountain House after receiving support from philanthropists managing to build a clubhouse in New York City. The building had a fountain in the garden, a factor that contributed to the name Fountain House.



Fountain House is an organization that has a simple mission of helping mentally ill people. However, this is a vital initiative for many people around the world. Fountain House is behind initiatives that enable people who have mental illness to work, learn and engage in talent growth.



Fountain House has accomplished its mission due to the great leadership from its board of directors. Jeremy Goldstein is one of the active members. He is a lawyer in New York who is popular for his role in matters of compensation. He has worked with many corporations in the United States and is the owner of the Jeremy Goldstein and associates law firm which is based in New York. Through his efforts, he has demonstrated that the legal fraternity is also involved in philanthropic initiatives which are aimed at helping the less fortunate in the society. In this dinner party hosted by Jeremy Goldstein, the participants managed to collect over twenty thousand dollars.


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