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Jesse Cannone is a globally-recognized back pain expert, natural health researcher, and author. Over the past 15 years, Jesse has dedicated himself to helping people eliminate pain from their daily lives. He is known for his book, The7-Day Back Pain Cure, and for his work as the CEO of The Healthy Back Institute and the hit product Heal and Soothe.

Motivation Behind the Founding of The Healthy Back Institute

Jesse Cannone co-founded The Healthy Back Institute in December of 2003, along with massage therapist Steve Hefferon. Jesse decided to start the institute because of his own personal experience with back pain.

Before verging into the business world, Jesse worked as a fitness trainer. But at one point in his fitness career he found himself racked with injuries, making it difficult for him to work out. He had tendinitis in both arms, scoliosis and lower back pain, and even terrible knee pain. The knee pain was so agonizing, in fact, that Jesse had scheduled surgery to get rid of it.

However, Jesse narrowly escaped surgery when he met a fitness trainer while attending a workshop to get a new certification as a post-rehabilitation specialist. During a break in the course, Jesse asked the fitness trainer in charge a question about the painful situation he found himself in. The trainer turned Jesse towards muscle balance therapy and changed his life.

Muscle Balance Therapy

The concept of muscle balance therapy takes into account the idea that muscles largely influence the position of the spine and the bones. Although the spine itself can affect our muscles, it is the muscles that dictate the position of our bones.

The bones in our bodies trigger movement on their own. Our brain signals our muscles to contract every time we decide to perform a physical action. The kinds of movements, or the lack thereof, can seriously affect our muscle balance as a result. How we stand, how we sit, all of those things affect the position or the balance or lack of balance in our muscles.

In Jesse’s case, his lower body muscles were largely out of balance, which caused his back pain.

The trainer showed Jesse two stretches to perform to improve his muscle balance. Two weeks later, the pain was gone. The stretches helped Jesse more than any painkiller medication, and – as a result – he canceled his scheduled surgery.

Getting rid of the pain inspired Jesse to start helping other people do the same.

“… then I started helping other people in the same way. Basically, I had my own injuries, my own back pain, I was able to get rid of it, and then I started doing it with my personal training clients. And then I got known as the guy to go to if you had injuries.”

After digging further and researching more information on relieving pain, Jesse realized that few people were spreading the knowledge of muscle balance therapy that helped him get rid of his own pain. The trainer who told Jesse about muscle balance therapy did so during a personal conversation.

Although the course covered rehabilitation and how to overcome injuries, the trainer actually did not teach what he taught Jesse as part of the course. So, Jesse took it upon himself to educate the world about his newly-acquired insights and founded The Healthy Back Institute to bring this knowledge to the world.

How Bad Can Pain Get?

For people who have never experienced significant pain, it can be difficult to relate what others are feeling. Back pain can be debilitating to the point that a person may struggle to move around normally. Even the slightest movement can make the pain worse.

Because of the pain, people may stop living their life the same way they did before. It can force people to give up physical outdoor activities like sports, put people out of work for days, and cause serious emotional stress. And with that comes a change of lifestyle.

This is why severe back pain can significantly damage relationships to the point of break-ups or divorce. Here are Jesse’s thoughts on the serious consequences back pain can have on a person.

“People lose their jobs because of it, people file for bankruptcy because of back pain. It’s pretty life-altering for a lot of people… People kill themselves because of it. Suicides happen because people have chronic pain and they can’t, they don’t think there’s a way out. And so for me, that’s part of my mission… We have stories from people who said “you’ve saved my life. Like, I was so depressed that if I didn’t get rid of the pain soon, I was contemplating ending my life.” So, to me, it’s a huge problem.”

Holistic Approach

The Healthy Back Institute stands out for its ability to offer a holistic approach to solving pain for patients. There may be many reasons why you feel pain, ranging from stress and emotional factors, to diet and tension in the muscles. But most people who work to help ease the pain of others specialize in their approach. A chiropractor may suggest surgery; a nutritionist may suggest an alternate diet; an energy healer may suggest metaphysical ways to relieve stress.

But Jesse Cannone knows our bodies are complex, and no single approach works to solve everyone’s pain. Jesse advises people to take a strategic, holistic approach to solve their pain.

The key to getting the best results is to do detective work and figure out what is needed. So, in any situation, if I’m trying to help somebody, it’s what’s going on with your body, what are all the factors, what are all the things that are contributing to and causing the problem? What are the underlying causes that are creating the condition and / or the symptoms.

Nobody knows your body better than you do, so you are the person in the best position to figure out what’s going on. While doctors and healthcare providers should do their best to help you locate your source of pain, their workload and minimal one-on-one patient time rarely allows them to understand you personally and how your body responds to various treatments. You must be your own advocate and take responsibility for discovering the source of your own pain.

When he first started educating people on how to locate the source of their pain, Jesse Cannone traveled and offered classes to help those willing to listen. However, Jesse quickly realized he could reach more people through the internet.

As a result, The Healthy Back Institute doesn’t see people in person anymore. Instead, it helps thousands of people every day how to do the work themselves through articles, books, and videos published online.

Heal and Soothe

Today the Healthy Back Institute offers several products on its website, from books to far infrared heating pads to pain relief creams. There you can also find Heal and Soothe, a dietary supplement that combines some of the most powerful natural ant-inflammatory and pain-relieving ingredients known to man.

Heal and Soothe promotes natural healing, reduces pain, and helps muscles recover faster using safe, natural ingredients made to be compatible with a vegetarian diet. The supplement avoids the potentially dangerous side effects that chemicals in traditional drugs can cause.

Some of the powerful ingredients in Heal and Soothe include:

Proteolytic Enzymes 

Research indicates proteolytic enzymes perform several helpful functions in our bodies. They help fight inflammation, dissolve scar tissue, cleanse blood, and support other bodily functions. These enzymes are a final line of defense against disease, illness, and pain. Due to a natural decline in the number of enzymes our bodies produce as we age, most adults have insufficient levels of these enzymes to ease pain and promote healing. The easiest way to ensure your body has enough proteolytic enzymes is by taking a powerful proteolytic enzyme supplement like Heal and Soothe daily.


Bromelain has been studied extensively since it was discovered in 1957. This natural compound extracted from pineapple contains several proteolytic enzymes shown to reduce pain in the body.


Papain contains a wide range of proteolytic enzymes and works by breaking down proteins. Studies have also shown papain to be effective in supporting the immune system and helping numerous other health concerns.


Rutin is a flavonoid with strong anti-inflammatory effects due to its powerful anti-oxidant abilities. It is naturally found in a variety of plants and fruits.

Turmeric Extract 

Turmeric is a plant in the ginger family. It has a unique ability to destroy free radicals in the body which contribute to pain and swelling. A recent study at the prestigious Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research Center in New York showed that turmeric is safer and more effective than aspirin in stopping inflammation and shutting down pain.

Devil’s Claw

Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of Devil’s Claw in reducing pain and inflammation. Several studies conducted on humans have shown it to be as effective as COX-2 inhibitors without the deadly side effects.

Citrus Bioflavonoids

Citrus Bioflavonoids are nutrients that help absorb vitamins and act as important anti-oxidants. They inhibit the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of connective tissue and protect against free radical damage.

Heal and Soothe should be taken between one and three times per day. It works best when taken 30 minutes before or 60 minutes after a meal. Begin taking two capsules twice per day or four capsules once per day. If you still feel pain, gradually increase the dosage until you find the amount that works best for you.

Although proteolytic enzymes have an excellent safety record, with no significant side effects reported in studies conducted, there is always the risk of developing an allergy to one or more ingredients. If that happens, you should stop taking Heal and Soothe.

Individuals taking any medication should consult a physician prior to taking Heal and Soothe. It is also recommended that you take at least 60 minutes before taking any medications after taking the supplement.

You can try Heal and Soothe risk-free. If you don’t feel significant improvement after two weeks of regularly consuming the supplement, you are guaranteed a refund for the money you spent (excluding shipping).

A More Personal Look at Jesse Cannone

Jesse considers himself to be a curious man, but one piece of advice he would give his younger self would be to learn more. Modern advanced psychotherapy has really helped him in life, so Jesse wishes he learned about the mind-body relationship earlier in life.

“I firmly believe that, and it’s been proven with lots of research, that the bulk of the pain that we experience, physical pain that we experience is driven by emotional pain that is trapped in the body. So, for instance, there’s a famous doctor, Dr. John Sarno, and he did this work on back pain in particular. And what he found was a lot of the people that had that pain, they did all the physical things to treat it, but they still had the pain… [The researchers] have been able to prove that your emotional trauma manifests physically in the form of tension and restriction and muscles and even a reduction in blood flow.”

For example, studies have linked fibromyalgia to emotional trauma. Although treatment can help calm the physical pain experienced by patients, this condition cannot be cured with traditional drug medicine. The real cure lies in releasing the tension in the muscles, part of which has to be done by releasing the emotional trauma.

Jesse cautions against assuming only those with specific certifications or advanced degrees are most knowledgeable or best suited for treating a particular condition. Too often, deep study in a single area to the exclusion of others makes every problem appear to be a nail and the only tool a hammer to the practitioner. For example, a spinal surgeon may be extremely knowledgeable about the spine but know very little about how the rest of their patients’ bodies are affected by the surgeries they perform.

Thanks to his curious and holistic approach to health and a dedication to constantly exploring natural treatments, Jesse can often help those who have received little help from specialists.

One way Jesse stays on the leading edge of natural health is through regular interviews with healthcare professionals of all stripes. He has interviewed more than 100 top experts in the medical and natural health fields to date.

In addition to learning about the body, Jesse has shown he can run a business as well. He has never taken any outside investment capital and has successfully managed every aspect of running a business. He has learned how to be a CEO, CMO, CFO, and COO all at once.

Jesse embraces the challenge of living a life in which he’s had to learn to overcome obstacles. His favorite quote exemplifies this mindset:

“I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”

–John Galt (Atlas Shrugged)

People Joining in on a Healthier Approach to Health

 More and more people are waking up to the need to accept personal responsibility for their own health. In the process, they are becoming more aware of the holistic approach to health in general, not just back pain. Here is Jesse’s take on the changes in the healthy supplement industry.

“There’s just lots more research happening now as well. So, because more and more people are open to it, more and more attention is being placed on it, more money is being dumped into research and more research is being done and so more discoveries are happening faster. So, I would say the rate of growth in this context and also in the rate of new research coming out is exciting to see, you know. It’s kind of snowballing, snowballing in a good way.”

Natural health is clearly becoming prevalent as people are eating healthier and taking more time to learn about the mind and the body than in years past. Jesse is happy to not just see others take their health seriously but also personally be a part of that change.

By providing education and products such as Heal and Soothe, The Healthy Back Institute and Jesse Cannone are helping people overcome back pain and return to living life fully.

Learn more about Heal and Soothe on their website

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