Just Who Is Jason Halpern

Real estate development is one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world. There are numerous development firms around the globe, but the U.S is home to one of the very best and it’s known as JMH Development. The firm has done plenty of high profile projects across the country especially on the East Coast. The head man in charge is Jason Halpern and has plenty of experience for running such a successful development firm. Jason and JMH Development has racked up over $500 Million in projects over the past 10 years alone. Some of the most popular and affluent areas such as Miami Beach, Manhattan, and Brooklyn have benefited from these high quality services. Jason Halpern gives the firm great leadership and his profound knowledge of the field has given him the “keys to the city” in a sense.

JMH is a full-service development company that does work in both commercial and residential areas. These are huge luxury projects as well and with Halpern’s deep knowledge of historic areas, the company has done many projects in some of the most exclusive areas in the country.

The Aloft South Beach was one of the firms largest projects and achievements. The 235 room hotel was a bit challenging as for keeping the architectural design true to form, but with such extensive knowledge in preservation, JMH Development produced a work of art. The Aloft Hotel is already in a prime location as it’s surrounded by great restaurants, nightclubs, boutiques, museums, and of course the beautiful waters of Miami, Beach.Being the first newly constructed hotel on the beach, Halpern new that he had to stay true to it’s original concept. The Aloft hosts a roof deck lounge, 24-hour fitness center, outdoor pool, and huge convention room.

Jason Halpern is doing wonderful with this family owned business and he does his fair share of giving back to the community. He’s helped to fund water projects for underprivileged countries as well as invested into the Halpern Trauma Center. Jason Halpern is a true American hero.