Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is The Perfect Combination Of Innovation And Charm

Accomplished actress Kate Hudson’s athletic wear brand Fabletics has recently turned three years old, and with its loyal fan base singing its praises along with the fashion company’s knack for innovation, Fabletics is expected to celebrate many more birthdays to come.

As it turns out, Kate Hudson is somewhat of a visionary when it comes to running her business. Fabletics started out as a digital company, jumping on the new trend of subscription services. Subscribers register at the Fabletics website, take a brief survey specifying their individual athletic gear needs and preferences, and for $49.95 per month, they receive premium athletic gear suited to their desires shipped right to their door.

This business model has proven to be a huge success, with the business earning $250 million in revenue annually. The business has been so financially successful that it was able to expand its services internationally. Additionally, Fabletics managed to open six brick-and-mortar stores throughout the United States last year.

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Part of the company’s mass appeal is its all-inclusiveness, according to Hudson herself. While many athletic apparel brands focus on smaller sizes, Hudson has made a point to diversify the clothing size options on Wikipedia.org to accommodate more of an audience. In addition, from the start, the brand has offered products which reflect several different types of fitness-related activities, from yoga apparel to tennis gear and everything in between.

Fabletics made headlines recently with a very risky yet widely successful television ad campaign. The television commercial featured women in Fabletics apparel working out, and a bleeped-out word was in the dialog. The ad accomplished exactly what it set out to do, which was get people talking about the company. Hudson says that using humor in her company’s branding is extremely important to her.

Kate, along with the company’s two other co-founders, has taken this business to the next level by using her keen ability to capitalize on current trends. The company has maintained a very successful social media presence. Plus, the company jumped on the “athleisure” fad (athletic apparel which can double as casual wear) at exactly the right time.

Perhaps, however, the greatest asset to the company’s success is Kate Hudson herself. A self-described aerobics lover and frequent dancer, one can peruse her social media accounts and feel inspired by her carefree and fun approach to fitness. As a smart businesswoman, Kate has been able to bring this approach into her business, allowing Fabletics customers the unique opportunity to connect with her every time they slip into one of Fabletic’s sports bras or the brand’s signature leggings.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/Fabletics