Kate Middleton Says That Parenting Is Tough

Parenting is a lot of hard work. Even though Kate Middleton receives a lot of help, she can relate to the struggles of parenting. She recently visited the Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families. She told the mothers that she thought that parenting was hard.


Kate spoke with mothers who were battling depression, drug addiction and numerous other issues. The center gives the mothers the resources that they need in order to recover from their problems and take care of their children. Kate offered the mothers some words of encouragement. She stated that the mothers had done well despite the tough circumstances that they faced. This is the first event that Kate has attended since she celebrated her 35th birthday.


Kate took some time off from engagements in order to recover from a severe cold. Every time that Kate goes out, people focus on what she is wearing. She wore a bright blue coat that was made by British brand Eponine. This is a clothing line that is inspired by 1950s fashion.


Kate may be a royal with a lot of help, she is still a hands-on mom. She puts her children first. She enjoys grocery shopping, playing with her kids at the park and carries them off of the plane. Kate is just like any other mom. The moms were likely encouraged by Kate’s words because she can relate to the struggles that they face. They are all doing everything that they can to take care of their families.