Kevin Plank Speaks Out About Compensating College Athletes

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A recent Topic in California has led to a new bill being introduced that would allow college athletes to be compensated adequately. Kevin Plank, who founded the company Under Armour, recently made a statement. Plank said the college athletes should be compensated throughout their college career. To help prove his point he said that professional athletes are compensated for endorsing products and when people use images. This bill would allow an athlete to sign endorsements and licensing contracts. They would also be compensated for use of a likeness image or name.

The bill received support, but the votes were not unanimous. They amended the bill and was sent back to the legislature. It is expected to pass then go to the Governor of California for a signature.

Kevin Plank is a former student-athlete at the University of Maryland before he founded Under Armour. Being a recent college athlete, he knows the financial situations that college athletes face. Along with practices and games, athletes also have to miss classes due to travel. This is one of the reasons that people support this bill. Kevin Plank praises this bill for the fact that others are stepping up and realizing the hardships that these college athletes face. Also, supporters believe that the athletes should be compensated for the revenue they bring to the school. NCAA profited $1.1 billion in 2017. They didn’t have to make sacrifices as athletes do. Not only do they have to abide by the college schedule, but they also have to meet the demanding NCAA schedule. They should earn something for their sacrifice. To know more about him click here.

People against the bill say that there is potential that the athletes would ruin their future by giving them money instead of the scholarship. There could also be a problem that after they would pay taxes on this money it may leave them with less than if they had a scholarship. Schools argue that they try and keep a level playing field between athletes and students. Although, there seems to not be a resolution for this yet. The NCAA also tries to keep a barrier between college and professional athletes. These amateurism rules are another reason they don’t agree with the bill.

Kevin Plank praises the bill and wants to see it become law in California and also that other states would take notice and follow. He says that college athletes should be able to live out their dreams and finish college. This bill would a step in the right direction.


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