Laidlaw & Company And Its Negative Reputation


Laidlaw and Company is a well known investment bank with both Mr. Matthew Eitner and Mr. James Ahern as top executives. This company has developed a reputation of flouting regulatory orders and non-compliance with regulatory laws.

Not only that, it is also known for receiving a high number of customers’ complaints to which it pays a whole lot of compensations. Considering the number of cases against this firm and the total amount of money it had paid to customers, how it is still in business is a big mystery.

Relmada Therapeutics Files Amended Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern
Managers of Laidlaw and Company do not seem to learn from their mistakes. With what I know about this company, I will never transact any business with it, not even in the next five years. For instance, Remalda Therapeutics Inc, recently announced that it has filed an amendment in its lawsuit against Laidlaw and Company.

The amendment is an additional claim for breach of fiduciary duties on the part of Laidlaw and Company for disclosing certain confidential information. Even though I am yet to see Laidlaw’s response to the lawsuit, I am certain that judgment will go in the favor of Remalda Therapeutics as Laidlaw is almost always guilty of what it is accused of.

Not only that, Remalda is also seeking monetary damages which arose from the cost it incurred while trying to correct the wrong information dished out by Laidlaw. When you are cunning and dubious, it shows in the way you run your business. That is why there are so many discrepancies in the biography of Mr. James Ahern, one of the principals of Laidlaw and co.

In my opinion, it is obvious that Laidlaw has proved that it lacks integrity and it puts the company’s interest way ahead of that of its customers and clients damning all the likely consequences. May be regulatory bodies should establish more stringent penalties for erring companies like Laidlaw and company