Laidlaw is a private investment banking firm purportedly established in 1842. This company offers services that include wealth management, capital markets, and alternative investment. The property management services are inclusive of old-style financial planning retirement preparation and setting up estates and trusts. The alternative investment involves merging client’s capital to invest in transportation companies, and media that are often overlooked often. In Capital markets, this firm provides traditional services which include acquisition and sale of company stock as well as assistance with mergers.
This old fashioned company also has a trading department and a research department. The trading department is entrusted with the role of buying and selling commodities for all its clients. The research division on the hand includes two analysts who find investment opportunities in energy, health care, and energy.
Laidlaw which is led by Matthew Eitner and James Ahern has been associated with fraudulent dealings in a lawsuit filed against them by a biotechnology company in the Nevada Federal District Court. Relmada Therapeutics accuses Matthew Eitner and James Ahern of spreading malicious information that adversely affected the stocks of the enterprise. Ahern and Eitner also unsuccessfully tried to take over this firm by blackmail. This is due to their threat to appoint the majority of the board members if Relmada Therapeutics if it severed its relations with Laidlaw.
Laidlaw & company and both Eitner and Ahern have been issued with a restraining order by the US District Court of Nevada. James Ahern was also accused of failure to pay taxes, not to mention the multiple complaints from consumers. James and Ahern have conducted fraudulent dealings under cover of Laidlaw Company. All the complaints ad cases against the two shady employees were settled. Relmada therapeutics was compensated for the damages caused by the Laidlaw through corrupt Matthew Eitner and James Ahern.