Madison Street Capital: Specializing In Mergers And Acquisitions

In a recent announcement by Madison Street Capital, the firm stated that they had managed to either close or announce 42 hedge fund deals during the 2015 year. This was a big step up from the previous year, 2014 saw 32 hedge fund deals. According to Madison Street Capital, the momentum that is being built will mean an even bigger year in 2016. Several news sources covered this announcement and the report that came with it.

HedgeWeek was one of the sources that covered the report. The summary included a quote from the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital. He states that the hedge fund industry, which is fragmented at the moment, will slowly become more consolidated and many more partnerships will be built that bring together product offering and distribution. He stated that alternative deal mechanisms are being developed that fit both the buyer and seller better. There are still traditional mergers and acquisitions, but there are also more PE stakes, seed or incubator deals, PE bolt-ons and revenue-share stakes. provided a similar summary of the firm’s report. The summary also stated that even though there was disappointing performance in the hedge fund industry, the assets in the hedge fund industry are higher than ever. The summary states that the reason for the poor performance is the strategies that were used.

Founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital is a very successful investment banking firm that mainly specializes in the middle market. They also specialize in personalizing a plan for each individual client and their unique situation. The firm has offices in North America, Asia and Africa and they are a global leader in mergers and acquisitions. They also have proven valuation services and advising for corporate governance and independence issues globally.

The firm provides a wide ranged of services, which include connection to a network of financial sponsors that lend to both domestic and international middle market opportunities. The firm’s network includes hedge funds, specialty finance companies, global and domestic commercial banks and more. In addition, the firm concentrates on capital raising projects. They will act as arrangers of equity for capital requirements, arrangers for mezzanine or senior debt and as financial advisors.

Madison Street Capital’s clients include companies and individuals both in the United States and internationally. They are from a variety of sectors including aviation, retail, business services, renewable energy, construction, real estate, consumer goods and services, media, financial services, manufacturing, food and beverage, textiles, healthcare, agribusiness, information technology, water, wholesale and retail trade, transportation, telecommunications, sanitation, irrigation and drainage and education. The firm individualizes their services to best help every client and their needs.

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