“Marc Beer to lead the board of LumeNXT “

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Marc Beer has been appointed the chairman of the board at LumeNXT. A new medical startup that has invented illumination technology that will be used in carrying out surgeries that need minimally invasive procedures. Beer has been chosen for this position because of the success he has had leading other medical startups. He has successfully managed to lead several startups into getting a global reputation and getting into profitability in a short time after opening their doors. It is this track record that impressed the management of LumeNXT. He will now offer advisory services on how the startup should approach the industry. It expected that the LumeNXT will benefit significantly from his experience.


LumeNXT is a new startup that has invented illumination technology that will make it easier for physicians to conduct surgeries with greater control, precision, and accuracy. The new technology will also make surgical procedures more effective than has ever been in the past. This technology is therefore expected to attract medical facilities that will want to have a state of the art illumination system. The company will be developing many products in this line of doing business. Marc Beer will likely open the doors for investors to come into the company and invest in its operations.


The illumination technology created by LumeNXT is now one of the most promising technologies that will make the medical industry even more effective than it has ever been. Illumination technology in surgical procedures is very important as it will make minimally invasive surgical procedures so much effective than anything ever seen in the past. LumeNXT believes their technology will cause a revolution that will change the technology to be used from now on.


Marc Beer has been picked because he is one of the people who has performed well in the past. With the experience of over 30 years working in different fields within the medical industry, he is well-equipped with the knowledge required to transform the operations of any startup in this industry. He has been in the fields of medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, leadership, and others. He is an all-around investor who is ready to transform the operations of LumeNXT, now that he has been n given a leading role in this company.


Marc Beer is currently the CEO of Renovia Inc. another startup that is doing very well in the medical industry. This startup is coming up with a solution for women affected by pelvic floor disorders. Marc beer is determined to develop a solution that will eliminate these disorders that affect over 250 million women in the world. The FDA approved the first product from Renovia in April 2018.


Under the leadership of Marc Beer, Renovia has attracted leading healthcare investors in the country. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/marc-beer


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