Mark Mofid Puts His Patients First And Is A Success Because Of It

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Mark Mofid is a well-known plastic surgeon who received training at Harvard and John Hopkins University. His reputation for adhering to safety standards to ensure that his patients are in good hands has earned him the trust of many in the industry. Many plastic surgeons will do whatever their patients ask as long as they are paid more money to do it, but Mark Mofid has decided not to take that route. Instead, he pays close attention to make sure that he only does as much as a patient’s body can handle.

As an innovator, Mark Mofid has worked very hard to come up with a safer gluteal implant for gluteal augmentation surgery. The reason he has done so is because most of the gluteal implants available, today, are unsafe and have caused many different kinds of problems for the people who have had them implanted. One of these problems is that many of them eventually sag on a person’s body because they are not compatible with the muscle structure of most people. Mark Mofid’s gluteal implant has a superior design that looks better, has superior intramuscular positioning, and is much safer than most of the other options out there.

The office of Mark Mofid sits in La Jolla/UTC, which lies inside of San Diego County. It is staffed with his wife, who is a dermatologist, a nurse, other staff members, and, of course, Mark, himself. Every year, thousands of patients come in to see him in order to receive cosmetic and medical dermatologic services as well as reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. Dr. Mofid has learned that it is best to never take on more than he can handle. When it comes to growing his practice, he takes it a bit at a time and responds to the needs of his patients before doing anything else. By keeping everything lean and at a minimum, he has been able to save a lot of money that would have been wasted on extras that were unnecessary. By focusing, exclusively, on the needs of his patients rather than making money, Mark Mofid has found the success that many other cosmetic plastic surgeons only dream of.