MB2 Solutions: Changing the Dental Practice

MB2 Dental Solutions is a Texas based company that helps dentists performs their jobs without having to work in the traditional manner. Back in the days, dentists across the United States would have done their jobs either by working with a larger group or by working solo in their own clinics. This type of set up has been dreaded by a lot of dentists, and one of them was Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. He is a dental practitioner who really dislikes the set up where every dentist ends up to. He wanted a system where in dentists could still work and enjoy at the same time, and because he do not know where that kind of system can be found, he decided to create his own company. MB2 Dental was established in 2009, and it aims to provide dentists with a network of other specialists on the same field, working under the umbrella of a single network that would provide them with management options being at the same time an autonomous body. Read more on epodcastnetwork.com about Dr. Chris Villanueva.

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The idea at first was somewhat vague, and dentists have felt that the system might not work. However, as more and more dentists signed up for the network, it became clear that the system that Chris Steven Villanueva introduced is really effective. Today, dentists in the United States have the option to work on their own without the hassle of operating their own clinics or mismanaging the clinic into bankruptcy. They are no longer forced to work with larger groups, and have the autonomy to do what they wanted. The company has grown through the years, and is now having more than 500 employees in six states. The vision that Dr Chris Villanueva has seen would be a future where dentists are working full of inspiration. It never happened before, but because of his passion to change the system, it is slowly becoming a reality. According to his partner dentists, the system works like your typical network – dentists sharing information between others, upper management sharing skills and tips on how to run the business, and there are also seminars and sessions where in the company is giving new dentists a chance to grow through training and providing additional information. The members of the network felt like they are being looked after, with the company making sure that everything they need are delivered and all other issues are addressed. Taking care of the members of the network is one of the secrets why MB2 Dentalhave reached its present level. Learn more about Dr. Chris Villanueva on sharecare.com.