New Jersey Birth Haven Hosts Annual Fundraiser

The Birth Haven of Newton, New Jersey will be hosting its annual fundraising event in the latter portion of April. The Birth Haven has had a long history of providing housing, money, and a vast array of resources to pregnant women facing homelessness. The center is a relaxing facility designed to house nine women at any one time, but the center provides resources for thousands of women per year. A representative from the Birth Haven gave a brief oral history of the center’s work and efforts in the Newton community in this interview. The representative also gave a rundown of what community residents can expect should they choose to participate in the Birth Haven’s annual fundraiser. The event is expected to draw more than 500 people and typically raises over 10,000 dollars.


The Birth Haven seeks to educate citizens who attend the annual fundraising gala on the support of homeless and low-income expecting mothers. Because of the large turnout typically associated with the fundraising event, the Birth Haven is able to inform the masses about these women and their plans to rebuild their lives. The Birth Haven uses funds from the annual fundraiser to house pregnant, homeless women, but also helps the women to develop the skills necessary to function as ordinary and productive citizens. The center helps women to use skills they already possess to find a job if they are not already employed upon acceptance to the center’s program. The center then takes 60 percent of the residents’ income in an effort to help them to establish enough of a savings account to pay housing needs for months after reintroduction to society. This money can also be used to pay for childcare needs and other expenses that residents will incur when living on their own for the first time in months.


The Birth Haven has received a large amount of publicity in the weeks leading up to the annual fundraiser. This event is expected to fully fund the center’s activities for the next year and bring awareness to the difficulty that many women face when they become pregnant unexpectedly.