New Jersey Getting Controversial Power Lines

It appears that if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again in New Jersey. An attempt to have power lines installed decades ago was met with huge resistance to the point the entire plan was shelved. It appears that this year the state is once again moving forward with the installation of controversial power lines in Middleton New Jersey, but not if residents can help it.


JCP&L has plans on installing 230,000 volt towers through several central Jersey towns, and residents were given the chance to comment before the plans moved forward. The plan includes installing these 200 foot high towers from Red Bank to Aberdeen, a stretch if approximately ten miles. These high-voltage power lines are supposed to help increase efficiency at the power company, but many residents have concerns about safety with this outdated infrastructure.


The project has been renamed the Monmouth County Reliability Plan, and JCP&L is looking to install a 230,000-volt power line along the northern coast of the county. According to representatives for the electric company, the proposal would upgrade service to residents throughout the area. Looking back a couple decades ago, a similar plan was brought to the table and faced extremely heavy opposition. The residents at the meeting have serious concerns that the technology is outdated and it will puts their lives at risk.


This transmission project is being revived again by the electric company because they feel it will benefit all the residents along the 10 mile span. The power line will be supported by poles that range from 110 – 210 feet high, and will be placed every 50 feet in a 10 mile stretch from Red Bank to Aberdeen. The poles will be installed along New Jersey Transit’s North Jersey Coast Line. Officials for JCP&L say the new line will improve reliable energy supply and allow the company to quickly respond to serious power demands.


The project however is meeting strong opposition from Residents Against Giant Energy (RAGE), a grass roots organization that is considered to be a watchdog for residents against large corporations simply having their way in the community. The organization is claiming that the electric company is basically experimenting with the power lines, and that it poses health and safety risks to local residents. The group also says the new project degrades the environment and local historic sites.