New Jersey Lawmakers Give Governor Christie Book Deal Greenlight

Just when you thought that the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, couldn’t frustrate citizens of the state any more, he goes ahead and does something that completely takes things to a new level. The governor is trying to give a bill the fast-track right before the holidays while people are focused on taking off from work and spending time with family and friends. The bill would allow the governor to receive compensation for a book he has written while in office.


The Growing Frustrations in New Jersey

When the governor announced he was pushing a bill through the Senate and Democrat-led New Jersey Assembly, no one could have imagined it would get a 8-0 approval to advance. The law states that the governor can not cash in on a book deal while in office, but that was before this governor decided to change the rules of the game. New Jersey residents are already tired of the games and the lies from this governor, who has not only raised property taxes for residents to some of the highest in the country, but just piled a new gas tax on residents that would make it even more challenging to live in this state. The governor has an agenda and does not appear concerned anymore his approval rating has plummeted to an all-time low.


The Devil in the Details

To understand why so many residents are beyond frustrated, the rules clearly state someone in public office can’t benefit financially from a book deal, and the governor specifically can not draw more than his $175,000 salary. Governor Chris Christie decided to sweeten the pot for his fellow public servants by adding into the bill that judges and other legislative staff will get raises too. These raises are only going to burden the tax load on an already stretched thin taxpayer, and critics to the bill feel this is nothing more that providing another helping hand to political elites.


The bill will basically end the requirement the governor draws only $175,000 in salary, while also raising to $140,000 appropriations for 120 lawmakers to pay staff. The governor is determined by recent actions to do things his way, evident in his continued frustrations with residents who will not approve gambling outside of Atlantic City.