New Jersey Mom’s Parenting Rant Goes Viral

In recent days, one New Jersey mother’s parenting video rant has gone viral. Thousands of parents have praised this mother’s parenting advise as she announced proudly that she does not believe in being friends with her children. In the youtube video, which has received over 200,000 hits, the mother reveals that all of her three children were currently angry with her and she was perfectly happy with that. The mother’s decision to call out a familiar parenting style which calls for parents to be best friends with their children was seen as extremely brazen move and clearly resounded with parents all over the world.

In this review of the video which was published by the Huffington Post, the writer described a few of the reasons that people responded so well to the video blog post. During the video rant, the mother stated that her priority was to be a mother to her children and the mold them into decent adults. She explained that her job does not include ensuring that they are happy 100 percent of the time or giving in to their every desire. The mother explained that a parent’s role is incredibly important in the development of a child. If parents are too focused on being friends with their children, the child can lose the sense of what its like to have a parent.

In the video, the mother explains that she is the authority in her children’s life. She further explains that if she were to attempt to become friends with her children, she would risk blurring the lines for them regarding her authority. She referred to the fact that parents who attempt to be friends with their children often try to reverse roles when its time to discipline the children. At the point where discipline is necessary, the parent who has built a primary relationship of friendship with the child, as opposed to a parent-child relationship, often struggles to establish authority with the child. The mother stated that these blurred relationship lines would not occur within her immediate family because she is able to love her children in a way that still allows her to be an authoritative figure in her lives. She believes that developing a friendship with children without an authoritative relationship diminishes a child’s development.