New Jersey Parents In Need of Single Parenting Advice

A drastic increase in the amount of single-parent families in New Jersey has created a new demand for single-parent resources and literature. The New York times recently reported that the number of single parent homes has doubled in the last decade and that New Jersey now holds a single parent population that is expected to surpass the number two-parent house holds within the next twenty years. With this change in the way that families operating, the New Jersey Parent Alliance released an informative packet that serves to help single parent families to balance family time with work obligations.

Time Management
Time management skills are necessary in every family, but is obligatory for single parent households. The balancing of time between work, family time, extra curricular activities, and other pastimes that the family engages in can be extraordinarily difficult for single parents. The New Jersey Parenting Association recommends that single parents work to eliminate all activities that are not essential. Multiple children, for instance, do not need to become involved in several extra curricular activities. For the single parent, it is important to set realistic expectations for every planned activity.

Dealing With Financial Constraints
Financial constraints are one of the most severe issues plaguing single parent households. Single parents must learn to make one income work for an entire family. Budgeting classes that teach individuals how to create budgets and create financial constraints to help reduce the burden on these families. Financial assistance programs may also be available to single parents who fall below average income levels for New Jersey.

Avoiding Poverty
Single parent families represent an estimated 80 percent of the impoverished community in New Jersey and in the rest of the nation. Fatherlessness causes poverty in almost every family environment. To combat the possibility of poverty, single parent families should seek to obtain educational credentials that enhance their desirability in the job market. Higher education has never been more attainable than it currently is and single parents benefit greatly from higher degrees.